STREET LA competitive CREW will only compete in 4-6 shows per year.


The show fees listed below are fees to enter the competition. The shows that are submission only are not guaranteed shows. Not all dancers on team may perform in every show. Please note the dates of shows listed below are subject to change.


ALL LYTE STREET TEAM MEMBERS MUST ATTEND 2 INDUSTRY SHOWS (Collaboration and 2nd of choice) and 2 High School tour shows. LYTE STREET Team must ATTEND IN LYTE GEAR!


All competition are due 2 months in advance from show date to ensure entry


DATES               FEES            COMPETITION

1/22-1/24           $45-$55             Starbound    Redondo Beach

3/4-3/5              $45-$55               Kar               Redondo beach

5/27-5/30             $45-$55          Showstoppers      Anaheim

8/2016                 no charge           Annual RED Carpet showcase